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Thelifeee Power Rise 

This 🎶 Music 🎶 Soul Work🖤



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DevOted truly to My people on the land


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“Story Never Told”

Born In Valdosta, GA & Raised Largo, FL. His Mother And Father Were Musical Idealists With A Love That Matched An Ear For Music. So In Figurative Terms LaRon And His 2 Brothers(P.J. & Joe) Were GIVEN The Torch. Besides Watching His Older Brother(P.J.) Play Music While Going Back And Forth Between States, Sports Was The Only Thing LaRon Spent His Childhood Doing. In Times Where People(Classmates/Teammates Etc.) Would Gather Around For Freestyle Sessions LaRon Took Advantage Of Every Moment By Using It As Practice In Front Of An Audience. For High School He Moved Back To His Hometown(Valdosta). Through The School Hallways And Gyms As Well As Church Events Is Where The Experience Came From. After An Incident In College Sports, LaRon Began To Realize What He Loved He Had Put On Hold For Things That Weren't In His Dream. Then Is Where The Pen Was Applied To The Paper Heavier Than When He Dropped His First Mixtape(iAnstrabolative) In HS. Leaving The West Coast Coming Back To The Sunshine State.. The Objective Was To Bring Life Back To The Grounds Where His Childhood Was Spent. As A Dominant Athlete In Youth, Devb Would Always Finish Up At His High School Practices And Share His Techniques With Not Just LaRon But All The Youth By Example And Teaching. Once He Ran Into Devb In Adulthood And Began To Write And Compose Music.. It Was Instantly Greatness That Followers/Listeners Would Later Compare To Artists Such As The Collaboration Of 2Pac & Nate Dogg, Outkast And So On. His Smooth Jazz Background Compliments Devb's Strict & Direct Message. LaRon Has Done Features With Tampa Bay's & South Georgia's Elite Poets And Artists. He Also Opened Up For Joe Budden And Went On Tour With Bone Thugs & MAYDAY!! His Vision Is To Keep Singing Alive And Be Respected For The Artistry Of Sound While Feeding LOVE To The Lost & Lonely. The Musical Idealist/Activist LaRon Gamble Is ThatSingingDudeFromLargo

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