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Thelifeee Power Rise 

This 🎶 Music 🎶 Soul Work🖤



✊🏾To be ✊🏾

DevOted truly to My people on the land


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Welcome to TheLifeee

Devb was born to Lasandra Morrow & David Collins in Largo,Fl on October 3,1986.Growing up in the greater ridgecrest area of Pinellas County  Devb was guided through the neighborhood with morals and a mind from a mothering Black woman well known as Miss Cookie,who also helped raise his peers.Devb grew up in sports since childhood years primarily football and basketball where he excelled highly with God given skill. While in college Devb began to exploit the talent discovered while writing poems during high school class. Rhythmic Stanzas turned into BENEFICIAL BARS as the vision was becoming more Hip Hop. No doubt missing collegiate ball after high school haunted him,it also wasn’t planned to go to prison in Fl., Throughout the curse of the Worlds hindering binds the spirit of a young lost King churned a new FIRE BIRTHED DEVIN TO NO LONGER BE..BORN MASTER SAVIOUR TO FOREVER SEE...HE BELIEVES “WITH RAP WE CAN BE FREE!.....


listen to "SoulFood Freestyle"

“This world cold,no heart warm as mine”

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